Wednesday, 23 June 2010

NICE recommendations on how to reduce CVD (Cardiovascular disease)

reposted from: NHS Choices

Protect the population from the harmful effects of trans fats
  • Eliminate the use of industrially produced trans fatty acids (IPTFAs) for human consumption.
  • In line with other EU countries (specifically Denmark and Austria), introduce legislation to ensure that IPTFA levels do not exceed 2% in the fats and oils used in food manufacturing and cooking.
  • Establish guidelines for local authorities to independently monitor IPTFA levels in the restaurant, fast-food and home food trades using existing statutory powers (in relation to trading standards or environmental health)

Does this guidance apply to me?

This guidance is aimed at improving the health of the population as a whole. It makes recommendations to people who can make changes to improve population health.
However, the principles underlying the recommendations also apply to individuals. For example, most people should reduce their salt, saturated fat and trans fat intake, as well as increasing their levels of physical activity.
Related NICE guidance focuses more on individuals, including guidance on stopping and preventing smoking and tobacco control, physical activity, obesity, high blood pressure and mother and child nutrition.

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