Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Prof. Lesley Regan exposes the Diet Industry

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All sensible scientific stuff. Eat a healthy diet, take care to not eat too much (no calorie excess) and exercise. The rest of the diet industry is baloney!

Over a third of us are overweight and we spend 11 billion pounds a year trying to get thin. Professor Regan takes on the multi-million pound diet industry. Using herself as a guinea pig, she will discover what to eat to lose 10lbs a year, find a diet pill that actually works, investigate whether we should all be taking vitamins to supplement our diets, and uncover a low-fat product that can really be trusted.

Along the route to ultimate weight loss, she discovers that her body is 25 per cent fat, and takes on the diet pills you can buy on the high street by designing her own - with extraordinary results. Over 70 per cent of the study participants lose weight in just a month.

She also puts her taste buds to the ultimate test in one of the world's leading food labs, and chews her way through a mound of carrots. The raw carrot is billed as the ultimate health food, but in this rather unusual experiment with the world's first computerised stomach model, Professor Regan discovers the raw carrot is not all it is cracked up to be.

Broadcast on:
BBC Two, 11:30pm Tuesday 21st April 2009
60 minutes
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8:59pm Thursday 14th May 2009

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