Saturday, 30 October 2010

Ending Aging's new afterword now available for download

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In September 2007 SENS Foundation's Chief Science Officer, Dr Aubrey de Grey, together with co-author Michael Rae published Ending Aging - an accessible description of the SENS platform. The book speaks to a broad audience, without "dumbing down" the science in any way, and is thus the ideal resource for both biologists and non-biologists who want to learn more about SENS and its implications.

Science moves quickly, however, especially in a field as new and dynamic as regenerative medicine. A year after its initial publication, Ending Aging was re-released in paperback format with a new afterword, explaining how cutting-edge research since the publication of the hardback had impacted on our plans and expectations - and introducing a detailed model that predicts the tremendous benefits to be expected from rejuvenation biotechnology.

We've been conscious since the re-release that those who had already purchased the hardback would be likely to miss out on this extra information. Consequently, we're delighted to now be able to make the afterword available online for free download.

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