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Methuselah Foundation - extending healthy human life

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Our Mission: Significantly extend the healthy lifespan of humanity.
Instead of accepting the physical and mental losses associated with aging we look for answers and solutions. Not for one disease but for the general loss of functionality and productivity that we all experience. We are a catalyst for progress - seeking, supporting and rewarding science that extends healthy lifespan.
Methuselah Foundation is a non-profit medical charity dedicated to extending healthy human life through proven programs such as the Mprize, My Bridge 4 Life, and a diverse support of key technology and research generated by companies like SENS, Organovo, and Silverstone Solutions.
The Mprize, introduced in 2003, is designed to directly accelerate the development of revolutionary new life extension therapies. 

MPrize There are two categories of MPrize cash prizes:
  • Longevity - to the research team that breaks the world record for the oldest-ever mouse
  • Rejuvenation - to the team that develops the most successful late-onset rejuvenation that extends the life of the mice
NewOrganPrize - Expediting the Solution to Organ Failure: We challenge scientists to duplicate and successfully transplant a fully functioning new organ made from a patient's own cells by 2020.


We envision a world where everyone who needs an organ gets an organ. And, in the Methuselah Foundation quest for everyone to live a long healthy life, we advocate a system that provides new organs and long-term health. We call that system NewOrganomics.
The promise of NewOrganomics is to provide a new organ to any patient in need, not from a donor or from the black market but rather built from their own cells. NewOrgan Prize was created to reach this ambitious goal. We need your support to make it happen. Be Organomical, donate today.

Methuselah Foundation continuously and vigorously scans the horizons for high impact efforts that meet all of our criteria and show significant promise for extending healthy human life and eliminating the diseases of aging.
We are currently providing support for these companies working in research and development of long term life extension solutions.
Organovo, Inc. is a regenerative medicine company that applies proprietary technology to "print" new organs. Their work will enable us to quickly and cheaply produce organs and body tissue for transplantation and testing, thereby reducing the need for animal test subjects and greatly speeding up the process by which treatments can used for humans.

The SENS Foundation research programs invest directly into specific scientific research, aimed at the biomedical repair of the damage of biological aging. Using a revolutionary "engineering" approach, these therapies will repair all known forms of aging-related damage in the human body, with the aim of restoring youthful cellular and biomolecular structure, renewing youthful function, health, and vitality. Listen to Aubrey de Grey explain the SENS approach here.
SENS Foundation was launched in March, 2009 as a new and independent organization (prior to that it was part of the Methuselah Foundation), with a mission to develop, promote and ensure widespread access to regenerative medicine solutions to the disabilities and diseases of aging and the Methuselah Foundation subsequently transferred its SENS research initiatives, along with supportive grant funding, to SENS Foundation.
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"It seems a cruel joke that just when we've finally lived long enough to become wise, we begin the great decline into physical and mental deterioration that eventually leads to death. This is a travesty not only for individuals but for mankind as a whole." Royal-Gordon Family 300 MEMBERS

"There are 56 million people dying every year, 150 thousand every day, two people every second. The wisest, the best, the most experienced leave us, often in painful conditions. This is tragic, sad and inhumane. I believe we can change it and each donation will speed up the fight."
Maciek Kolodziejczyk 300 MEMBER 

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