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Crabsallover Renal Profiles - Creatinine, Urea, K, Na

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crabsallover test 15/7/10: 94 umol/L. Range: 45-104 umol/L

crabsallover test 15/7/10: Serum urea 5.4 mmol/L Range: 2.5-6.7

High urea levels suggest poor kidney function. This may be due to acute or chronic kidney disease. However, there are many things besides kidney disease that can affect urea levels such as decreased blood flow to the kidneys as in congestive heart failure, shock, stress, recent heart attack or severe burns; bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract; conditions that cause obstruction of urine flow; ordehydration
Low urea levels are not common and are not usually a cause for concern. They can be seen in severe liver disease or malnutrition but are not used to diagnose or monitor these conditions. Low urea levels are also seen in normal pregnancy. source:
Creatinine Clearance
GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD 73 crabsallover 15/7/10 test: 73 (units not known)
eGFR or Calculated Creatinine Clearance is a simple test to detect early changes in kidney function. A normal result means that kidney disease is less likely while a low value suggests that some kidney damage has occurred. Creatinine Clearance results are usually evaluated in the same way. Sometimes, in very early kidney damage (especially when the kidneys are damaged by diabetes), measured or estimated clearance may actually be high, indicating that the kidneys are working harder than normal.

Serum Potassium K - no values given
Serum K crabsallover test 15/7/10: 4.1 mmol/L, range: 3.5-5 mmol/L

Serum Sodium Na
Serum Na crabsallover test 15/7/10: 141 mmol/L, range: 132-146 mmol/L - no values given

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