Friday, 25 July 2008

On a roll! In less than 3 weeks I've lost 3 pounds (24.6 pounds left today, 27.6 pounds left on 7th July). It seems swopping a meal a day for an apple or banana (500 cals per day reduction) three or four days a week with a bi-daily 30 minute walk / run with Jazzie - means I am well over my 0.5 pounds weight loss per week target.

New target: 1 pound a week loss (except holidays).

Holiday coming up in Ireland for a week so suppose I'll put on a couple of pounds!

Yesterday was a 'break' day: Alpen Luxury (includes yummy fruit) breakfast, Burger King Double Cheesepounder (with Dominic after his driving lesson) in Bournemouth Square Gardens. Half a pizza+wine for dinner (guessing 2100 calories total). So not much loss today.

With Google 15 I DO NOT measure calories. Next days diet is based on the previous days Google 15 result. Its an evidence based diet. Google 15 gives a moving average so daily scale weight increases/decreases are 'smeared'.

Over 20 years ago I undertook a strict calorie counting diet (i think it was 1500 cals a day??) and lost ~2 stone in 4 months (1.75 pounds a week). I got down to 9st 12 pounds (I remember it well!) on a Greek holiday with Sharon, Sue and Colin. My BMI then was 21.6 (maths: 138/2.204/(67"x2.54/100) squared = 62.61kg/2.893 = 21.64). Shame I didn't stay that weight! Because a BMI around 21-22 is probably optimal for health (or so the science suggests).

Then I was also measuring my waist circumference which correlated to my weight / BMI. I think I'll buy this BMI v Circumference chart.

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