Saturday, 26 July 2008

We have a drinking problem, and it makes oil seem cheap

It is an astonishing kind of stupidity that sees us duped into paying for bottles of water - stuff that flows free out of taps

A half-litre bottle of water in your average sandwich chain, now costs 80p. That's around four times the price of oil.
And it's not like you've got an oil tap in your own kitchen. If only there were some godforsaken country we could invade in the adorably misguided belief that it would bring the price of this stuff down.

And yet - perhaps because bottling water is precisely the sort of business that would entrance Dick Cheney - we've yet to alight on the killing fields that would get us out of this mess. Not that

bottled water giants such as NestlĂ© and Coca-Cola would class it as a mess, what with the global industry being worth £30bn and rising.
For the rest of us, I'm afraid it's time to swallow the bottled water lecture again. Come on:
more of it is being sold than beer - you and I know that can't be right.

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