Saturday, 24 March 2012

Lichen Planus in the mouth

Back in 2010 my dentist thought I had Lichen Planus or Leukoplakia in my mouth because he observed streaky white patches.  I was booked into a local hospital and 'put under' for a surgeon to check for pre-cancerous growth (Leukoplakia). A biopsy was taken where a tiny piece of my cheek was taken. Results were negative for cancer or a pre-cancerous condition and confirmed I had Lichen Planus, which for me has absolutely no symptoms or pain.

Lichen planus affecting lower lip 
There may be some connection between oral lichen planus and cancer of the mouth in perhaps 1% to 3% of patients who have had the condition a long time. The exact connection between oral lichen planus and cancer is not certain, and only a very few patients with oral lichen planus ever have such complications (CGS1).


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