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The truth about exercise with Michael Mosley

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  • exercise is not going to reduce weight if you eat more! (9 mins)
  • levels of fat in blood are reduced if walk because exercise turns on lipoprotein lipase genes which metabolises fat in muscles, rather than dumping fat to gut. Thus fat in blood fell by 33% as a result of the 90 minute walk the night before. (10-17 mins)
  • 150 mins per week moderate exercise or 75 mins per week vigorous exercise is government guideline
  • Nottingham Uni, Prof Jammie Timmons (18 mins), 4 year study - big variation in response to exercise - 20% don't respond much to exercise, 15%  respond a lot. This response has been traced to 11 genes (reference) - can predict how an individual will respond using a gene test.
    • 23 mins: a few minutes intensive exercise a week, High Intensity Training (HIT) protocol, x3 times a week x 20s x3 equivalent to a couple of hours exercise. Glycogen is broken down, improves insulin sensitivity. Activate 70% muscles cf jogging 30%. After 6 weeks get improvement.
    • insulin sensitivity, if defective cannot get rid of sugar - become diabetic
    • HIT Benefits
      • 23% improvement: Glycogen is broken down, improves insulin sensitivity - after 1 month
      • VO2 max - oxygen - non-responder predicted by genetic tests
      • Reference and another reference via BBC.
  • James Levine, Mayo clinic (32 - 44 mins)
    • NEAT = Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis - calories you burn in everyday living
    • walking at 1.3mph doubles metabolic rate, at 2.2 mph triples metabolic rate
    • standing - 10% increase metabolic rate
    • 80% people don't do regular exercise
    • there should never be an hour that you are just sitting down. The chair is killing millions. It's not enough to go to the gym. Got to be active all the day.

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