Sunday, 28 September 2008

11 mile run - 200 minutes

my longest run for a couple of years (at least). 11 miles in 200 minutes (18 mins /mile or 3.33 miles / hour) from Boscombe Pier (parked at Fishermans Walk) around Hengistbury Head to opp. Mudeford and back. Terrain was along the beach. With Jazzie. Calories: 90 x 11 miles = ~1000 calories which is 1000 / 3600 = 0.27 pound fat. A quarter pound of fat is a quarter of my weeks targeted weight loss!

(Sharon in Bath with Beryl, Lisa and Sophie for B 70th).

Shame it wasn't a half marathon - 13 miles! Another day. cf. Bournemouth (not Boscombe) Pier to around Hengistbury Head is 13.8 miles.

A very nice pot of tea at Bistro on the Beach, Southbourne (30 mins, excluded from timings).

Bit disappointed with the speed 3.33 miles is barely a fast walk! I guess 85% was running, 15% walking - so equivalent to 4 mph run. Whatever, 11 mile run .. its a fantastic distance ... for me .. at 52! At this rate I could run a half marathon in 4 hours (double Jane F 1 hr 57 min!). Slow!!

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