Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Change of plan

As per Hackers Diet, a bang-bang approach to dieting is inferior to a Proportional approach.

When I know I will have a large dinner I will have a small lunch and vica versa. Approach July-September has been to guage on the day after I've reached a one pound per week and 0.2 pound over previous day.

  • I'm going to ignor the previous day moving average figure, focus on the moving weekly total exclusively
  • MWT 1.5 pounds loss per week target
  • Hackers Diet online charting

Since I can control my breakfasts and lunch completely but Sharon makes dinner I will plan meals:

Breakfast: bowl Alpen & milk (200 cals)
Lunch: Banana (100 cals) - NOT All Day Breakfast / Lasagne (600 cals) - 500 cals difference
Coffee with milk: x6 (200 cals)
Dinner: 600 cals (NOT 900 cals) - difference 300 cals
Wine: half glass (100 cals)
Total: 1200 cals (normally 2000 cals)
Total Difference: 800 cals

Assuming 2000 cals usage, 1200 cals represents a 800 calorie per day deficit or 800 x 7 days = 5600 cals deficit / 3500 = 1.6 pounds per week loss.

Main changes
  • banana every day for lunch
  • half glass wine with dinner
  • dinner portions two thirds normal size
  • no pinching family food

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