Thursday, 9 October 2008

25 ways to live longer by


Get laughing
A good laugh is like a mini-workout - 100 to 200 laughs are equivalent to ten minutes of jogging or rowing,

Move to France
A report by the World Health Organisation found that the French outlive the British. They come third in the world rankings, compared to the UK at 14th. Better diet appears to be the deciding factor.

Go to bed later
Sleeping more than eight hours a night may reduce your life expectancy, people who get only six to seven hours sleep a night live longer.

Make your marriage work
Being happily married for a long time leads to greater life expectancy for men and women.

Walk, run, jump
Fit women have a 40 per cent less chance of developing coronary heart disease than those who don't exercise regularly,

Have sex
Couples with a healthy sex life can look up to seven years younger than those who don't,

Live in the country
People living in rural areas have a higher life expectancy than those living in cities. Women living in west Somerset, for instance, live an average of 84 years, while those in Manchester live only 76.

Watch your weight
Overeating is one of the main causes of ageing,

Have lots of children
the more children women have, the greater their life expectancy.

Learn to play piano
Brain cells work together, so learning new skills improves your brain function generally. 'Whatever your age, ongoing mental stimulation will keep your brain building new spines on the dendrites of your brain cells.

Look on the bright side
optimistic people live about 12 years longer than pessimistic ones. Pessimists are more prone to viral illnesses, such as colds and flu. They are also less likely to carry out the essential self-examinations that detect breast or skin cancer, while positive thinkers are more likely to take health advice.

Never smoke again
The earlier you give up the better.

Get on with your mother
91 per cent of people who weren't close to their mothers developed a serious disease - high blood pressure, alcoholism and heart disease - by midlife.

Keep taking exams
The more qualifications you have, the higher your life expectancy. The less well-educated are more likely to smoke, which increases the risk of heart disease and cancer and they are more likely to work in jobs with a high risk of injury.

Examine your breasts

Have regular smears

Enjoy chocolate
people who eat a moderate amount of chocolate live longer than those who eat sweets three or more times a week, and those who never touch sweets. Chocolate contains phenols, which protect against heart disease and cancer.

Find God
Going to church increases life expectancy (now thats something I'm unlikely to do!!)

Join a bridge club
As you get older, playing games or going shopping could be just as good for your health as physical exercise. The key to good health is doing what you enjoy and feeling good about yourself.

Cancer-proof your diet
About 40 per cent of cancers are diet related. Eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day to reduce your risk of cancer of lung, digestive tract, bowel, bladder and breast.

Enjoy a cuppa
Green and ordinary black tea pack the same amount of antioxidants and have equal benefits. one cup of black tea a day cuts heart disease risk.

Don't take work home
stressed people are 20 times more likely to develop heart disease. tension also depletes immune system and antioxidants (prevent premature ageing).

Learn to relax
relaxation techniques eg yoga or meditation alleviate stress. Relaxation reduces blood pressure and reduces stress-related conditions such as depression.

Check your bowels
If you experience any dramatic change in bowel habits - such as an unexplained increase in constipation, or increased looseness or passing blood - see a doctor immediately. At worst it could be bowel cancer, which is often discovered too late, after it's already spread.

Get a pet
Families who own a dog or cat are less stressed and visit their doctors less often than those who don't. Pets make you feel optimistic and relaxed, which lowers your blood pressure. Dogs give best results, but even a goldfish in a bowl works!

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