Thursday, 2 October 2008

Benecol - the science

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Benecol® is proven to reduce levels of ‘bad’ (LDL) cholesterol. Plant Stanol Ester, the unique ingredient in all Benecol® foods, has been clinically proven to significantly lower cholesterol in over 30 scientific studies.

In the early nineties, multiple clinical trials were carried out in Finland. One of these studies was the North Karelia Trial in 1995 which lasted for a year and involved 153 people aged between 25 and 64, all with raised cholesterol levels.

At the start of the trial, two thirds of these people replaced their normal butter, margarine or other fat in their diet with Plant Stanol Ester margarine. The rest acted as a control group, eating the same margarine but without the Plant Stanol Ester.

During the 12 months, those people eating Plant Stanol Ester (2 grams per day gives 10% LDL cholesterol reduction) margarine saw a significant reduction in both total and LDL cholesterol. In the control group, the changes were minimal. But is their another trial that verifies this claim?

For the next two months, all the subjects switched back to their normal diet - and the cholesterol levels of those who had been eating Plant Stanol Ester margarine went back to where they had been before the study.

Source: Miettinen et al. Reduction of serum cholesterol with Sitostanol-Ester Margarine in a Mildly Hypercholesterolaemic Population with mildly elevated cholesterol. New England Journal of Medicine 1995; 333:1308 – 1312.

"Dietary plant sterols, especially sitostanol, reduce serum cholesterol by inhibiting cholesterol absorption."

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