Saturday, 18 October 2008

Waist & Hip Circumferance

crabsallover waist measurement: 38.5" (98cm).
crabsallover Hip measurement: 37.5" (95cm)
crabsallover Waist/Hip Ratio: 1.03

Waist to hip ratio crabsallover target 0.95 =35"/90cm waist and 37"/95cm hip.

To measure your waist, the measurement needs to be taken at the mid-point between the top of the hip bone and the lowest rib. Ensure the tape is snug, but does not compress the skin and is parallel to the floor. The measurement should be taken when the person being measured has breathed out. source: Diabetes Uk and here.

From crabsallover blog:
  • 12/06 crabsallover 104cm waist / hip 99cm= 1.05
  • 02/07 crabsallover 100.5cm waist / hip 99.5cm = 1.01

According to NICE NHS booklet (December 2006): target for men is 94cm (37") waist

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